EU provides supports to our company through three different programs:

I. Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA)

II. Programs of Community Action

  • Lifelong Learning and Youth Program
  • 7th Framework Program
  • Culture Program
  • Competitiveness and Innovation Program
  • PROGRESS Program

III. Europe Investment Bank Loans

Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA)

IPA Components
I.        Transition Assistance and Institution Building
II.       Cross-Border Cooperation
III.       Regional Development
IV.       Human Resources Development
V.        Rural Development (IPARD)

1st Component: Transition Assistance and Institution Building:
Projects about
Harmony to EU acquis and institution building,
Participation to union programs and agencies,
Strengthening constitutional state and democratic organizations,
Supporting reforms in public management and economical fields,
Protecting and developing human rights and fundamental freedoms,
Development of civil society will be financed primarily. 

2nd Component: Cross-Border Cooperation:
Projects about
Small scale infrastructure that will boost economic activities (strengthening cross-border social and cultural connections in areas such as environment and tourism),
Providing technical assistance services supporting joint economical and environmental planning  
will be financed primarily.

3rd Component: Regional Development:
The programming efforts within the scope of this component are being carried out within the framework of Transportation, Environmental and Regional Competitiveness Operational Programs.

4th Component: Human Resources Development:
The programming efforts within the scope of this component are being carried out under the tile of Human Resources Development Operational Program.

5th Component: Rural Development:
The preparations for IPARD Plan still continues. Programming efforts will be initiated in cities defined for IPARD Plan with the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution to commence operations as the body responsible from the applications and payments under the title of IPARD agency.  Thus, there is no schedule regarding this fifth component currently.


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