Inward Processing Authorization Certificate is the most effective export support provided to the manufacturer and the exporter. With up to 26% tax deductions in import, competitive environment can be ensured in export. In order to benefit from Customs Duty Deduction, Resource Federation Support Fund, VAT Deduction, Taxes, Duties and Charges Exceptions for exported products, and tax deduction in an amount up to the VAT rate for local products, Inward Processing Authorization Certificate must be obtained. In your raw material purchases, your import cost may decrease up to 26% by benefiting from 18% VAT, 5% Customs Duty, 3% Resource Federation Support Fund deductions, and you can purchase your local raw materials without paying the 18% VAT. 
Applications for Inward Processing Authorization Certificate can be made in the electronic medium. For this process, first the applicant shall obtain e-signature on behalf of the company and the authorizations shall be made.

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